Hello! And welcome to my blog! I created this page as a way to document my progress into obtaining my first job in Information Security.

About my background: I have been working in the tech industry for a little over five years now. I am currently working in a desktop support role. Along with my desktop support responsibilities. I also manage operating system patching in my organization. I perform quarterly audits on staff, systems, products and services to assist external auditors. I am tasked with providing documentation on procedures, work instructions, and topical manuals relating to information security that I think would be most beneficial to end users in my organization.

I wanted to have a resource I could rely on to show potential employers that I, for example, do know what that Cybersecurity Framework is about. I want to spread the word about the different Information Security events that I attended. And encourage others to make to these events! I also wanted to help other aspiring Information Security professionals by posting how I passed different certifications. What resources I used, how I studied, and any tips I can give on the exam. I will post reports on the InfoSec related readings that I have done, and other things that interest me.

My ultimate goal is to have a successful career in the Cyber Security world.  I will be documenting my attempts at achieving this goal, and listing what I am doing in order to get there.



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