Apple Q2 ’13 Intl Sales Were 56% Of Total Revenues; China Had “Best Quarter Ever” At $8.8B


Apple today posted Q2 earnings that beat estimates at $43.6 billion in sales, which illustrates that, while the Americas — led by the U.S. — remains the company’s single biggest market, Asia, led by sales in China, continues to show the strongest growth amidst weakened demand at home and in Europe. Overall, international revenues outside of the Americas were $24.3 billion, or 56 percent of the total for the quarter.

International has been and will continue to be a focus for Apple. Cook cited worldwide smartphone figures from IDC that predict shipments of 1.4 billion units annually by 2016; and tablet figures of 375 million units by the same year, according to Gartner. While the U.S. continues to be a strong market for sales today, much of the future growth in mobile devices will be happening in less mature markets outside of the U.S.

On the earnings call earlier, the…

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