End of the Resume?

End of the Resume?

For sometime now companies have managed to integrate social media into their recruiting function. Over 92% have already done so and the number will only increase. These companies are starting to pay more attention to candidates with a good web presence. A good web presence for example is High scores on Klout, number of followers on Twitter, and number of quality recommendations on LinkedIn. The ability to leverage YouTube and Twitter is just beginning of job candidacy. Companies want candidates to be more innovative and creative and these attributes can be found via social networking sites. 


Hackers hack Britain police database

Hackers hack Britain police database

Hertfordshire’s police database was hacked back in early September. The website is externally hosted by a third party which can potentially be a huge security risk as the Hertfordshire police department found out the hard way. “Public sector organisations need to understand that, by hosting sites with third parties or outsourcing such important services to system integrators, does not take responsibility away from those who are employed to ensure the security of ‘our’ data.” Organizations still have to take the proper steps to make sure their website is secure and not take any shortcuts. The hackers got a hold of login details, phone numbers and IP addresses. These login credentials and phone numbers were posted online, which can now potentially be used in cyber crimes.