Global Migration Labor and Offshore Outsourcing

What is H1-B?

H1-B is a non-immigrant visa category in  the US under the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 101(a)(15)(H). It allows US employers to seek temporary help from skilled foreigners who have the equivalent to a US Bachelors degree. H1-Bs are considered to be “speciality occupation” by US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Top Industries hiring H1-B workers:

       Company                      Visas               Salaries

  1. Microsoft                      2,505               $96,497
  2. IBM                             1,263                $80,908
  3. Infosys                         1,058               $69,563
  4. Deloitte Consulting        887                  $93,786
  5. Fujitsu Labs of Amer.     747                 $82,663   

In the article I read it touched on how hiring H1-B workers can be cheaper and help save companies money. When they hire these H1-B workers they’re not necessarily even losing the smarter workers. A lot of times the H1-B workers are smarter. According to the study they are smarter and more educated than domestic workers. The article is below.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing- the practice of hiring an enternal organization to perform some business functions in a country other than one where the products or services are actually manufactured. 

-it is seen as a threat to the domestic job market. Taking away jobs from domestic people because outsourcing can save money for companies so they become dispensible. 

-smaller countries however see it as a great opportunity for work and for people to make money

Offshore Outsourcing has been growing 20-50% annum since 2009 and is not expected to slow down. 

An article I read on Offshore Outsourcing saw the 10 biggest problems from outsourcing.

unrealistic saving expectations, data security/protection, process discipline, loss of business know, vendor failure to deliver, scope creep, govt oversight/regulation, culture, turnover key personnel to other countries, and inept knowledge transfer. Article is below.

The pros of Offshore Outsourcing:

Savings can be substantial, You can find workers just as smart if not smarter for cheaper. Stephen Lane of the Aberdeen Group said “You can find Ph.D level people anywhere these days.”  Make your company more internationally known and accepted.



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